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With 80 years of winemaking experience in the Yurisich family, we were able to design our ‘dream’ winery. Our new winery is set on an 24 acre property in the heart of the Swan Valley. A long, straight driveway, through the middle of the vineyard leads you to the doorstep of the cellar sales area. Visitors are able to sample our full range of wines while looking out over our vineyards, or having a look into our winemaking area through our 180 degree viewing area.

The winemaking area is a split level building, cut into the side of a hill, to maximise space and overall efficiency.  The top level is used for the processing of the grapes, production and bottling of the wine, while downstairs is used for the storage of bottled wine, barrels, packaging material & vineyard equipment. As the downstairs area is cut into the side of a hill, we have created a semi underground area, which is ideal for wine storage.



The winery has been given many accolades, through numerous building and design awards.

Designer: Michael Yurisich
YURO Building Design

Building Designers Association of W.A (State) design awards 2007
Winner - Best Commercial Interior
Finalist - Best Commercial Building
Finalist - Best Industrial Building
Finalist - Best Public Building

Building Designers Association of Australia (National) design awards 2007
Winner - Best Commercial Interior

Master Builders Association of W.A (State) commercial building awards 2007
Winner – Division 3, Building Designed for Entertainment, Hospitality or Sport

We are very proud of our winery and hope you are impressed with it as much as we are!