Our family’s involvement with Olive Farm Wines dates back to 1933. Back in the early days, only fortified wines were made, as adding alcohol (fortifying) to the wine was the only known way to preserve the wine. Over the years, my family has built up a large stock of quality fortified wines that we use to blend in to our fortified range. Old fortified wines of such quality are very hard to find, and we are very proud of them. The Swan Valley has the perfect climate to produce fortified wines, so a taste of these is a must!!

  • 2012 Dessert Style image

    2012 Dessert Style

    Colour: Deep golden hues.

    Nose: Lifted floral and musk.

    Palate: Zesty acidity, lemon, peaches and cream

    Drink: Now - Up to 4 years

    Residual Sugar: 71g per bottle

    Our 2012 Dessert Style is a ripe style of Chardonnay showing zesty acidity up front then moving into a luscious sweetness of Manuka honey roasted cashews and lemon curd.                                                   This wine can be enjoyed with dessert and would be an excellent accompaniment to a wide range of cheeses.

  • Crystal image


    Colour:  Amber

    Nose:    Dried apricots, marmalade, Butterscotch

    Palate:  Strong honey and soft stone-fruit flavours lead into a smooth and warm lingering finish. Irresistible!

    Drink:    Chilled

    Released for the first time at the end of 2008, this sweet and luscious wine sits comfortably in the range between our dessert and fortified styles. Deliciously at its best as an aperitif over crushed ice, this wine will also complement many of your favourite desserts.

  •  Late Bottled 2016 Vintage image

    Late Bottled 2016 Vintage

    Colour:  Ruby red with Red Brick hues

    Nose:    Blackberries

    Palate:  Forest fruits with a dry, soft and lingering finish

    Drink:    Room temperature 15-18°C

    The 2016 Late Bottled Vintage has been made using different grape varieties to the normal (Shiraz base) fortified variety. These are equal amounts of Tempranillo, Mataro, Bastardo and Tannat. The tannins in this wine are prominent at the moment however as this wine is designed to evolve in the bottle and develop many more complex characters. If unopened and cellared correctly this wine will last as long as you allow it to, easily 20 years plus.

  • Tawny image


    Colour:  Brown /tawney hue

    Nose:    Nutty 'rancio'

    Palate:  Rich yet delicate with a fresh clean finish

    Drink:    Room temperature 15-18°C

    Our Tawny has been blended from wines made from Grenache, Shiraz and Tokay grapes. These wines spend their entire lifetime in old oak barrels, where they develop their characters. Our Tawny has an approximate average age of 15 years plus on oak.

  • Liqueur Muscat image

    Liqueur Muscat

    Colour:  Deep rich red/brown

    Nose:    Perfumed Muscat aromas combined with complex rancio characters

    Palate:  Thick, rich and sweet, honey / molasses flavours

    Drink:    Room temperature 15-18°C

    Our Liqueur Muscat has been made from fully ripened Swan Valley Muscat grapes and aged for many years at our cellars in South Guildford. This wine is like liquid gold. The flavour keeps building as the wine moves through your mouth and leaves you with a lingering flavour you won’t forget. This is another one of those wines to enjoy with your favourite piece of cheese, this year, next year, the year after that.....

  • Liqueur Verdelho image

    Liqueur Verdelho

    Colour:  Amber

    Nose:    Honey, caramelized sugar and sultanas

    Palate:  Honey, caramel and ripe tropical fruit flavours, with a lingering finish of rum and raisins.

    Drink:    Room temperature 15-18°C

    A great example of an aged Swan Valley Verdelho, which is drinking wonderfully now and will improve with time.

  • Liqueuer Shiraz image

    Liqueuer Shiraz

    Colour:  Inky black

    Nose:    Ripe plums and cherries

    Palate:  The wine is extremely sweet and thick, with an abundance of sweet red fruit

    Drink:    Room temperature 15-18°C

    This Liqueur Shiraz is a very unique wine. It has been made from some extremely ripe Shiraz grapes grown in the Swan Valley. The wine speaks for itself. This Liqueur Shiraz is an amazing wine that tastes great as a younger fortified. Look forward to trying a bottle in about 25 years time because this wine is going to get better and better every year of its life. 

  • Stari - 4 Generation Fortified image

    Stari - 4 Generation Fortified

    Colour:  Deep brown

    Nose:    Intense toffee and molasses

    Palate:  Thick and rich with an abundance of flavours; honey, chocolate, toffee, caramel. the list goes on and on. The flavours build in the mouth and finish with a great lingering sensation

    Drink:    Room temperature 15-18°C                    

    Stari is our latest release in our ever growing fortified range. My family’s (Yurisich) ownership of Olive Farm dates back to 1933 when Ivan Yurisich - my Stari Dide` (old grandfather in ‘Slav, pronounced dida), purchased the property after emigrating from Korcula, Yugoslavia. Stari Dide’s humble beginning started by making fortifieds, which has grown and developed over 4 generations of Yurisich winemakers. 

    The fortified wines made by my father, dide` and stari dide` have been blended with my own to create this unique and rare wine.  Over the years, our fortifieds have been made from Muscat, Verdelho, Tokay and Pedro, all of which have been used in this blend.

    There aren’t too many 4 generation wines available, so this one is definitely worth a taste!!

  • Pedro Xeminez + Oak Barrel image

    Pedro Xeminez + Oak Barrel

    Colour:  Amber with orange golden hues
    Nose: Sweet nose of lifted marmalade, ripe apricots, peaches and cream.
    Palate: Sweet and viscous, delicate yet vibrant maramalade and mandarin fruits linger in the mouth before a long, warm finish.
    Drink: Once the Pedro Xeminez is filled we recommend to leave for a good 12  months before tasting. Patience is the key with this little beauty.

    This wine was chosen for oak maturation for its incredibly intense fruit characteristics and vibrant youthfulness. Fresh and vibrant in its infancy, this wine will continue to improve in the oak barrel for many many years to come, gradually darkening in colour and developing intense toffee and molasses characters.

    Please note that this is an unfiltered barrel sample and may develop a slight sediment over time, which is normal for fortified wines.

    Kit contains 5LT of Pedro fortified, x1 American new oak barrel (5LT capacity) stand, bung, tap and set up instructions.

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