• Prije Vina Grape Juice image

    Prije Vina Grape Juice

    Colour: Salmon Rose

    ­­Nose: Floral blossom, red currants, and grape aromatics.

    Palate:  Ripe Cranberry and raisin, finishing with generous notes of cherry.

    Drink:   Now. Best before July 2019


    Residual Sugar:  59.4g per bottle

    Prije Vina meaning 'before wine' in Croatian is made from ripe, estate grown Swan Valley grapes. Created with 50% Shiraz and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. A non alcoholic grape juice full of antioxidants to be enjoyed by all. Recomended to be served chilled on its own or with a dash of soda water for a dryer style beverage.



    Not for sale, please contact us for more information.

  • 2018 Rose'  image

    2018 Rose'

    Colour:  Hibiscus pink.

    Nose:   Raspberries, cranberries, strawberries and cream

    Palate:  Creamy, juicy fruit sweetness precedes a drying and clean finish.

    Drink:    Chilled, drink now.

    Residual Sugar: 13.5g per bottle

    Our Rosē is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes spending 9 hours on skins and is the perfect wine for those lazy summer afternoons with friends. This style is very drinkable and it is handy to have one or two extra bottles in the fridge. This wine will match well with light grazing lunches or as a relaxing drink on its own.



  • 2017 Autumn Cabernet (Sweet/Chilled)  image

    2017 Autumn Cabernet (Sweet/Chilled)

    Colour:  Medium colour of mulberries, with a vibrant hue.

    Nose:    Perfumed aromas of candy, fairy floss and blackcurrents.

    Palate:  Soft and enticing upfront sweet fruit generosity. The palet develops fullness and a very delicate and subtle, yet varietal Cabernet tannins to finish.

    Drink:    Created to be enjoyed as a very young wine so don't let this one collect any dust in the wine rack. Enjoyed chilled.

    Residual Sugar: 42g per bottle

    The super sweet aromas, combined with upfront sweetness create a very enticing wine. The subtle tannins on the finish create the all-round flavour profile of this wine, which is perfectly suited to those who like a fuller bodied rose, those with a slightly sweeter tooth and also those wishing to delve into the wonderful world of red wines.


  • 2017 Merlot image

    2017 Merlot

    Colour:  Deep garnet red.

    Nose:    Black bramble fruits, a hint of vanilla,  mint, eucalypt.

    Palate:  Soft plum fruits with leafy notes, fleshy mid palate, grippy tannins leading to a dry savoury finish.

    Drink:    Drinking well now and for up to 5 years.

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    The traditional backbone of many Bordeaux blends, our Merlot easily stands out on its own. This 2017 Merlot  exhibits cherry, plum and blackberry fruits accentuated with aniseed and eucalypt highlights. We look forward to seeing what this wine will deliver in the coming years.



  • 2016 Cabernet Franc  image

    2016 Cabernet Franc

    Colour:  Medium garnet red.         

    Nose:    Lifted blueberry and cassis with subtle notes of nutmeg, tomato leaf and cedar.                       

    Palate:    Blackberry, blueberry and raspberry, with exceptionally fine, furry oak tannins.

    Drink:    Drinking well now and for 5 years.

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    Traditionally used as an aromatic component in Bordeaux blends, Cabernet Franc really shines as a single varietal. French oak was used to mature this wine for 12 months, creating a wine with an exceptionally delicate tannin backbone that is in very limited supply.

  • 2017 Touriga Nacional  image

    2017 Touriga Nacional

     Colour: Medium depth of colour with intensely vibrant plum-purple hues.

     Nose: Sweet nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon with intense mandarin citrus notes.

     Palate: Medium bodied, supple and sweet fruited blueberry and plum, soft slippery tannins and a warm delicately spicy finish.

     Drink: Now-up to 3 years.

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

     Predominately grown in Portugal as a component of vintage port blends Touriga Nacional is very well suited to the warm, dry climate of the Swan Valley. This is our second vintage of this wine and we have created a sweet fruited, super aromatic wine with very delicate tannins. Drinks very well with spicy/sweet foods such as Thai curry.



  • 2016 Malbec   image

    2016 Malbec

    Colour:  Ruby red rim with a deep garnet core.

    Nose:    Fresh and fruit-forward notes of plum, mulberry and violets with underlying sweet and spicy aromas of anise and nutmeg.

    Palate:  Medium bodied with ample juicy-sweet raspberry, plum and mulberry fruits supported by a delicate yet firm arrangement of chocolatey, fine mouth-filling tannins and a gentle warm finish.

    Drink:    Drinking well now and for up to 3 years.

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    The use of old-oak has allowed the fruit to shine through in this Malbec and the result is a wine which oozes class. The most notable feature of this wine are the fine, dense tannins which makes it a great match with a number of cheeses.

  • 2017 Tempranillo image

    2017 Tempranillo

    Colour:  Deep plum with rosehip tints.

    Nose:    Dark cherry, all spice, deep plums, ripe mulberry.

    Palate:  Preserved plums, supple incorporated tannins, drying palate, spicy finish.

    Drink:    Drinking well now and for 3 years.

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    Tempranillo is the classic food wine and we think this wine is no exception. Think of tapas, BBQ, red meats, chorizo and you will find Tempranillo there to match it. It also is a favourite match for many of the cheeses in the Cheese Barrel, next door. A must try with food at home.

  • 2016 Shiraz image

    2016 Shiraz

    Colour:  Deep plum with scarlet tints.

    Nose:    Black pepper, nutmeg, spice,liquorice, cedar, toasty, vanilla essence.

    Palate:  Savoury plums, grippy robust tannins, drying mid palate, sweet charry mocha oak.

    Drink:    Drinking well now and for 3 years.

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    A young example of a Rhone style Shiraz; we think this wine has legs to run for a few years to come. This wine focuses on highlighting the varietal characteristics of what shiraz can deliver rather than focussing only on pepper. Many consumers prefer this wine to the Reserve Shiraz.

  • 2017 The Great 8 image

    2017 The Great 8

    Colour: Medium Ruby

    Nose:   Ripe mulberries, licorice and spice

    Palate: A full, generous and round palate delights the senses with fine oak tannins to finish

    Drink:   Now -2023

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    During the 2017 Vintage, the family picked estate grown grapes from 8 different varieties to make a blend that signifies what the Swan Valley is all about. This is an extremely approachable wine as a youngster and will reward medium term cellaring. This blend consists of the following varieties: Tempranillo 28%, Mataro 17.8%, Tannat 16.5%, Shiraz 12.1%, Bastardo 11.5%, Cabernet Franc 4.7%, Malbec 4.7% & Durif 4.7%.

  • 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon image

    2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

    Colour: Ruby Red with vibrant purple hues.

    Nose:    Cassis, spearmint, eucalypt, spiced plums, mocha, Char.

    Palate:  Chocolate and charred oak give way to fine grained drying tannin,mulberry   and plum spice.

    Drink:    Drinking well now and for up to 4 years.

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    This wine is very typical of Swan Valley Cabernet. Generous fruits and aged complexity make for a satisfying drinking wine which  also matches well with roast meats. Being aged in new and old American oak has imparted mid palate sweetness and generosity.


  • 2015 Petit Verdot image

    2015 Petit Verdot

    Colour: Vibrant purple/ plum.
    Nose: Clean and cool aromas of eucalypt and mint, dusty oak aromas
    Palate:Dense and delicious. Gentle flavours of eucalyptus leaf evolve into brooding forest fruits and finish with firm tannins. A wine that shows very little in terms of oak influence, allowed to shine as an intriguing varietal. If you have the patience, sit with a glass of this for half an hour or so and you will find a different aroma and flavour on every smell / sip.
    Drink: Drinking well now to 2023

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    Winemakers delight – Low yielding, small berries, great colour and tannin extraction, delightfully varietal in its own way. So different to the standard Shiraz or Cab in its “savouriness” . Petit Verdot is a minor variety grown in Bordeaux, which often doesn't ripen there due to a short growing season. Many Swan Valley winemakers have found that a longer growing season produces sensational fruit and justifies the making of a single variety wine. Petit Verdot will be one to watch in the future of the Swan Valley.


  • 2014 The Duck's Nuts image

    2014 The Duck's Nuts

    Colour: Deep Ruby Red

    Nose:  Vibrant aromas red currants, fresh tobacco, ripe plums, bay leaves and cherry blossom with hints of aniseed

    Palate: Rich dark fruits, currants, black cherries, sweet tobacco, dark chocolate and smoky spices. An elegant, full bodied wine with fine tannins structure which provides a soft, dry and lingering finish

    Drink:   Now -2033

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    The 2014 vintaged produced exceptional wines with distinctive varietal characters. We selected the 3 best barrels from the entire vintage and made a single release blend. Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Malbec of equal proportions have created a wine with an abundance of complexity, varietal expression and age worthiness. We hope you enjoy this extremely small volume and rare release that we are very proud of.



  • 2014 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon image

    2014 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

    Colour: Dark cherry with deep ruby hues.
    Nose: Eucalyptus and juicy dark fruits with a hint of leathery and aniseed notes.
    Palate: Medley of cherries, licorice and blackcurrants with smooth supple tannins. Medium to full bodied red with notes of dark chocolate, cedar and blueberries.
    Drink: Drinking well now and for the next 6 years.

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    This Cabernet shows wonderful balance and poise. Decanting is recommended to experience the finesse and elegance this Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon has to offer.



  • 2013 Reserve Shiraz image

    2013 Reserve Shiraz

    Colour:  Concentrated, dark blackberry with plum hues.

    Nose:    Brooding, complex aromas of coffee, mocha, cedar and super ripe forest fruits.

    Palate:  A wine that builds flavour from the front to the back palate, delivering flavours that the nose promises. A very bold, yet elegant wine with fine grain tannins, full body and well deserving of a "Reserve" tag.

    Drink:    Drinking wonderfully now as a youthful style, however the tannin structure of this wine will ensure great age ability. Envisaged peak aging at 6 years.

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    2013 was a hallmark vintage for red wines at OFW. This wine developed wonderful colour and flavour intensity. The blend consists mostly of new oak, providing the lifted aromas and also some older oak that has added palate richness. A true Reserve wine from a special vintage.

  • 2017 Shiraz Viognier image

    2017 Shiraz Viognier

    Colour: Dark Ruby

    Nose: Intence floral and red cherries with subtle notes of apricot

    Palate: A generous mid pallet of red fruits, ripe cherries and spice

    Drink:   Now -2023

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    This is the first Shiraz Viognier to ever be released at Ofw. Consisting of 3.6% Viognier doesn’t sound like a lot, but it has given a real aromatic lift to the wine. The aromas and palate revolve around confectionary and ripe cherries. To create a soft and smooth style, the two barrels used in this blend were 4th fill, which imparted limited oak flavours and allowed the fruit flavours shine. Crafted to be enjoyed as a younger style.

  • 2017 Durif  image

    2017 Durif

    Colour: Very deep red with purple hues.

    Nose: Sweet charry oak, lifted plum and mulberry with hints of roasted nuts and cedar.

    Palate: Full bodied with sweet plum and blackcurrant fruits supported by concentrated oak tannins and a warm, rich finish.

    Drink: Now - 2027

    Residual Sugar: <0.5g per bottle

    An extremely generous and full bodied style - not for the faint hearted. Rich dark forest fruits and oak complexity will delight the senses. A powerhouse red that leaves nothing to the imagination.

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