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2017 Autumn Cabernet (Sweet/Chilled)

2017 Autumn Cabernet (Sweet/Chilled)  image

Colour:  Medium colour of mulberries, with a vibrant hue.

Nose:    Perfumed aromas of candy, fairy floss and blackcurrents.

Palate:  Soft and enticing upfront sweet fruit generosity. The palet develops fullness and a very delicate and subtle, yet varietal Cabernet tannins to finish.

Drink:    Created to be enjoyed as a very young wine so don't let this one collect any dust in the wine rack. Enjoyed chilled.

Residual Sugar: 42g per bottle

The super sweet aromas, combined with upfront sweetness create a very enticing wine. The subtle tannins on the finish create the all-round flavour profile of this wine, which is perfectly suited to those who like a fuller bodied rose, those with a slightly sweeter tooth and also those wishing to delve into the wonderful world of red wines.