• 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon image

    2017 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

    Colour:   Pale golden lemon with green tints.

    Nose:     Capsicum, gooseberry cut grass, tropical & grapefruit.                            

    Palate:    Mouth watering acidity, citrus & green fruits

    Drink:     Cold, perfect now.

    The 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon is a very dry, fresh and crisp style of wine displaying green capsicum, gooseberry and hints of cut grass. The blend consists of 65% Sauvignon Blanc and 35% Semillon; 100% Ofw estate grown fruit, fermented in stainless steel. A perfect summer wine to enjoy with good company and a few laughs.

  • 2017 Verdelho - Dry Style image

    2017 Verdelho - Dry Style

    Colour:   Light straw.

    Nose:    Green apple, tropical fruits, guava, spicy orange blossom and hints of banana.

    Palate:  Green apple and lime acidity, tight minerality, rounded mid palate and clean finish.

    Drink:    Cold, perfect now.

    This is our fifth dry Verdelho to be released at OFW and we feel that we are honing in on our desired style with each vintage. Tight, crisp, dry, prominent varietal fruit, refreshing and clean, our Verdelho leaves you wanting for more. Certainly a variety to watch out for in the future of the Swan Valley.

  • 2017 Chenin Blanc image

    2017 Chenin Blanc

    Colour:  Golden straw with green tints.

    Nose:    Ripe passionfruit, orange blossom, lychee, summer floral.

    Palate:  Rich, generous front palate, passionfruit, candied orange, soft delicate finish.

    Drink:    Cold, perfect now and age for up to 5 years.

    The 2016 Chenin Blanc is a delicate, yet full flavoured wine, perfect for a sunny afternoon enjoying a glass or two with good friends and some delicious fresh seafood. Chenin Blanc grows very well in the Swan Valley and we find our elegant style to be very popular.

  • 2017 Viognier-Sold Out image

    2017 Viognier-Sold Out

    Colour:  Pale straw with green tints.

    Nose:    Tropical fruit, almond blossom, spring floral.

    Palate:  Ripe yellow peaches, citrus, blood orange, refreshing acid.

    Drink:    Chilled, perfect now and age for up to 2 years.

    Fresh tropical aromas emerge from the glass. Initially rich and crisp on the palate building with apricot tones with a medium dry finish. It’s unique, pleasant and very easy to enjoy. Viognier is worthy of its emerging status and  has a special place in our range.                                                                    

    Not for sale, please contact us for more information.

  • 2017 Verdelho - Late Picked (Sweet) image

    2017 Verdelho - Late Picked (Sweet)

    Colour:  Light straw with green tints.

    Nose:    Nashi fruit, pear pastilles, tropical fruits, spicy orange blossom.

    Palate:  Generous sweetness, Seville orange, rounded mid palate with clean finish.

    Drink:    Cold, perfect now.

    This style of wine is produced by allowing the grapes extra time on the vine to develop. Late picked styles of wine allow for riper flavours and an enhanced generosity. We have retained a significant amount of sugar but also a level of acid to match it, to prevent a cloying wine.

  • 2017 Traminer image

    2017 Traminer

    Colour:  Golden straw with green tints.

    Nose:    Musk, rose blossum, lychees

    Palate:  Slight sweetness with balanced acidity

    Drink:    Chilled, Perfect drinking  now as a young style yet will age wonderfully

    The 2016 Traminer is a very aromatic style that displays a wonderful floral nose, with mineral flavours and a slight sweetness that is well balanced with a crisp finish, eliminating the ‘cloying (drinking undiluted cordial),’ finish that a lot of sweet wines have. A drink now style, although will age gracefully, where the wine will develop a richer, more luscious palate. This wine would match perfectly with spicy Asian cuisine.

  • 2014 Semillon - Oaked- Unavailable image

    2014 Semillon - Oaked- Unavailable

    Colour:  Light straw.

    Nose:  Bright citrus fruits of lemon and lime, hints of cut grass with a subtle oak toastiness .

    Palate:  Creamy texture and silky oak tannins deliver a wonderful mouthfeel and a  crisp, dry finish

    Drink:  Slightly chilled, perfect now and will age 5-10 years +

    Built to last, the 2014 Semillon spent just 3 months on lees in a combination of new and older oak to add complexity and richness. As a young wine the Semillon is alive and zingy with bright citrus fruits and refreshingly crisp acidity; great with delicate white fleshed seafood. Over time, the acidity will mellow and toasty, nutty, honeysuckle notes will shine through.

    Not for sale, please contact us for more information.

  • 2015 "7" Low Alcohol - Sold Out image

    2015 "7" Low Alcohol - Sold Out

    Colour: Pale straw with green tints.

    Nose: Mandarin and lemon citrus.

    Palate: Delicate stone fruits of nectarine and peach with a lovely light citrus finish.

    Drink : Chilled and as a young white wine.


    Olive Farm Wines "7" is a low alcohol wine, made from Swan Valley Chenin Blanc. The grapes are fermented into a traditional white wine style and then the alcohol is removed from the wine.

    The result is a light, yet flavoursome dry white wine, with 7% alcohol.


    Not for sale, please contact us for more information.

  • 2016 Shimmer White image

    2016 Shimmer White

    Colour:  Straw with Lime tints.

    Nose:    A very fruit-forward, tropical nose of pineapple, guava, nectarine and cantaloupe.

    Palate:  A viscous, fruity front palate and delicate acidity make for a clean, textual wine.

    Drink:    Now.     

    The Shimmer White is a our winemakers special blend of 57% Verdelho and 43% Chenin Blanc, two of the Swan Valley's most widely grown white varieties. Packed full of flavour this wine is sure to delight the senses.

  • 2016 Chardonnay - Oaked image

    2016 Chardonnay - Oaked

    Colour:  Light straw with pale lemony hues.

    Nose:    Peach and nectarine fruit upfront with hints of roasted cashews, dusty vanilla and baked figs.

    Palate:  Cantaloupe and fresh peaches supported by a moderately creamy texture with a bright and crisp savoury ginger-nut finish.

    Drink:    Slightly chilled, perfect now and will age 5 years.

    The 2016 Chardonnay spent 8 months in a combination of new and old French oak. Using partial malolactic fermentation and lees stirring, a rich, textural wine has been created that lends itself to food. This wine will easily match with seafood and white meats.


  • 2016 Pinot Gris Sold Out image

    2016 Pinot Gris Sold Out

    Colour: Pale Gold

    Nose:  Paw paw, peach and nectarine

    Palate: Rich tropical paw-paw and stonefruits with a subtle oily texture

    Drink:  Chilled, perfect now

    This is our second Pinot Gris vintage! Entirely estate grown, this wine is a full-bodied and rich white wine style showing generous tropical fruits accompanied by a weighty palate with a thick oily viscosity. Perfect as a young wine, on its own or as accompaniment to sweet and sour pork or sweet BBQ pork spear ribs. Yum!


    Not for sale, please contact us for more information.

  • 2009 Chenin Blanc Museum Release  image

    2009 Chenin Blanc Museum Release

    Colour: Bright golden straw.
    Nose: Honey, fresh toast with schist/metallic notes and delicate elderflower hints.
    Palate: Citrus fruits, toasty bottle-aged complexity, tight mineral notes, delicate refreshing acidity.

    Drink: Now

    In its youth, this wine was a crisp, dry style and was selected for extended cellaring due to its exceptional quality. After careful ageing in our cellars the acidity has mellowed and delightful honey and toasty notes have emerged to create an incredibly complex style. An excellent example of how well Swan Valley whites can age.